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A method to overcome dyslexia with parents

For those who have tried everything...

Dyslexia, a reason to fail at school

Dyslexia is a significant cause of school failure. The dyslexic child needs to think how to spell words and be able to read and write them without mistakes. The child has attention difficulty, struggles to decipher words and reverses letters. These are early signs of possible dyslexia.

The Dyseurope abc method was developed to overcome dyslexia with help from parents. Our dyslexia home method is a very simple application for parents. The child progresses in making small steps with the parents and works never more than 15 minutes per day in the reassuring atmosphere of home. This complicity helps restore your child’s confidence and you have the joy of being the assistant and witness in the progress of your child. Parent’s involvement is essential to support their dyslexic child and assist with homework. There is no one-size-fits-all for dyslexia… each case is different. That is why the way out of dyslexia is with parent participation. An understanding of these disorders and a good efficient method are needed for parents of children with dyslexia, so that the child finds his way.

The method is self-contained: to be fully effective, it has to be used alone. This is a pragmatic approach that addresses a real problem for the pupil. The child regains one year and a half of delay in 3 months during the first level and regains another 2 years in reading and writing ability during the second level.  It also aims to prevent dyslexia in the learning phase. This is great news for all children and parents concerned by dyslexia.



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